The CitisecOnline GTC orders are limit orders which are valid for seven (7) calendar days. For example, if the GTC order is entered on November 26, the order will be valid until December 2. If the Valid Until date is a non-trading day, it will no longer be valid on the next trading day which follows. For example, if a GTC order is valid until November 20 which is a Saturday, on November 22 (Monday) which is the first trading day that follows, the GTC order will no longer be valid. 



What’s your take on the philam life money tree? Is it a good investment?

Here’s what written in the brochure:

Money Tree is a one-pay investment and life insurance plan that can earn more than bank deposits in the long-term.

It maximizes your money’s growth potential by giving you the opportunity to invest in high-performing funds in the Philippines which is now the fastest growing economy in Asia and projected to be the 6th out of the 196 countries in the world2.

Over the past ten years, Money Tree funds have earned 8% to 17%3 yearly. And unlike bank deposits, Money Tree offers guaranteed life protection equivalent to 125% of your investment to further secure your family’s future.

Good Business Ideas For 2014

Let’s brainstorm here. Ano bang magandang negosyo para sa 2014?

Please share your thoughts and I’ll compile them into a blog post.

When you share your business idea, please tell one or two reasons why you think it will be a good and profitable venture for 2014.

Personally, I believe there’s a huge market next year for mobile apps – so those within the tech startup community will have a definite advantage and large potential to make it big in 2014.

But what about traditional businesses… ano sa tingin niyo ang papatok na negosyo sa dadating na “Year of the Horse”?

Is it right to put 200k of our son’s college savings all at the same time in FAMI Save and Learn Fix Bond?

Is it right to put 200k of our son’s college savings all at the same time in FAMI Save and Learn Fix Bond? I saw that among UITF’s/MF’s bond fund, that one has the highest income. Am I missing something or is there hidden charges that is not reflected? Our son will be in college 4 years from now, so I choose Bond fund and bec I somehow read that per transaction (depends on what range of amt invested) is the way they charge the investor. That’s why I thought of 200k lumpsum.

I’m also planning to put 25k or 50k in BDO Bal Fund and fund it with 5k a month for 1-2 years. Got the courage to do this after reading your blog about this Fund. Some will be in Time/savings deposit. Also read that its good to put the savings in BPI account with insurance that is x4. Am planning to put 100k each for my husband and I. Can you please share your thought abt this plan of mine. My husband are both in our 50’s and he’s planning to resign fr work due to health reasons. That’s why I’m very eager to grow this 500k college savings of my son, to cover inflation and some of his would be-expenses in college. This is my first time to invest and planning also to enrol in COL and put some of our savings to grow. Will ask abt that next time.  Thank you so much in advance for your advice and God bless!

When should I sell my stocks (long term, using cost-averaging)?

I am currently investing in the stock market, and I do cost-averaging.

I invest monthly in companies that have long-term growth potential (GEMSS companies). When should I sell my stocks?

Should I sell them immediately after a set period of time frame, e.g. 5 years? Or should I hold onto them until I retire?

I invest in the stock market for retirement.

I am confused as to what to do with my cost-averaged stocks after 5 years.

Should I sell them after 5 years, then reinvest in other GEMMS companies? Or should I hold onto them until I retire?

Note: still 30 years until I retire, but earlier would be better (say 20 years).

I have an illiterate neighbor whom almost out of basic needs wants to apply his pagibig fund. What will be the requirements?

I have an illiterate neighbor whom almost out of basic needs wants to apply his pagibig fund. What will be the requirements?

Can I have a sample of Special power of Attorney?

What websites do you read or visit to learn about the status of different financial markets?

I’m thinking of investing in international financial markets but I would first like to study them. Aside from the New York Stock Exchange, what other financial markets are worth going into?

But more importantly, where do I go or what website do I read to get to know them better? Thanks!

Choice between shortening the year of housing loan or reducing the monthly amortization in bank loan?

We have a 15yr housing loan, 30k/monthly amortization. we’re planning to pay extra 100k on its anniversary date. we’re asked to choose between shortening the year term or reducing the monthly amortization. what’s the best choice? thanks in advance! 🙂

What is the appropriate profit sharing for small business partnership?

Im starting a small food business and I’m thinking to partner with a friend of mine. I’m trying to figure out how we should split the income percentage wise. The reason why I’m thinking to partner with my friend is because he is a fresh grad chef with full of new ideas that we could put into the menu. Now, to give a clearer view on the tasks, I’ll be in charge of all financial investment, planning and research, sales and marketing, mostly the management part. His job is to provide the menu, cook (at least until we have another cook to be employed later on) and make sure that the food is on quality.

I did some reasearch and got some idea that we could do something like 70/30 or 80/20 split until I get my investment back, then at that point we could probably do a 55/45 or 60/40 split (the reason for uneven ratio is to recognized the authority of the partner). Is this approriate?Would this be a fair split? 

On the other hand, I know that in the first few months or maybe a year (hopefully not years :(), I am still recovering my investment, how will I do the profit sharing (considering that there’s no profit yet).

I’m just new in the world of entrepreneurship so forgive me if im not asking the right question :). But your advise will be highly appreciated 🙂


What are the 5 best Philippine stocks to buy and hold for the long term?

I want to invest in the stock market for the long-term, at least 10 years. And I want to start with 5 companies.

I’ve seen the best Philippine stocks for long term investment article of Sir Fitz, but I’d like to ask your opinion, what is your top 5.

Thank you.

Sir Fitz article: