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21 Answers

Anong magandang negosyo ngayong 2012?

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Business & Entrepreneurship

May naipon akong mga P100,000 last year na pang-negosyo sana ngayong taon.

Gusto ko sana malaman kung ano bang magandang business na pwede itayo sa isang commercial area na malapit sa labasan ng isang middle-class subdivision.

Ang dami na kasing kainan dito at internet cafe. Ano pa bang pwede? Suggestions naman please. Salamat!

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21 Answers

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  1. erds518 on Jan 12, 2012


    IN a commercial area like yours here are the following bussiness that might be interesting to consider.

    >Water refilling station (with delivery in the subdivison)
    >BPI Banco (Globe & BPI partnership) SAVINGS ACCOUNT for only 100 pesos
    >LOAD Dealership (not Retailer) Dealership is recruiting retailers for your bussiness
    >PHOTO Printing or RUSH ID bussiness

    I think 100K is enough for those businesses

    But if you have the fund for that i would suggest
    >And my dream Franchise 7/11

    100K is a lot of money so spend wisely my friend

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  2. futuretaipan on Jan 12, 2012


    PHOTO Printing or RUSH ID business

    –> ah talaga 100k lang capital dito? 😉


    Business ba talaga ang gusto mo? Ayaw mo muna ilagay yan 100k sa mutual fund or life insurance (if you have kids)? 100k is enough for a capital but, what about your revolving fund?

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  3. erds518 on Jan 13, 2012


    100k is more than enough for photo printing and RUsh ID bussiness

    Un kasi ang bussiness namin sa bahay since 2006 pa :)

    e2 ang price

    a brand new CPU na maganda around 24,000
    a Printer with CISS (continous ink) 5000
    Basic items
    Photo papers 85pesos per pack
    paper cutter around 1500 pesos
    bond papersaround 200 to 300 per rim

    and the rest is for the electric bill and other items you want to buy

    like tulad sa amin

    bumili kami ng PHOTO COPIER for 35K kahit installment
    nabawi ang puhunan sa hulog for 5 months Y?

    every toner of the photocopier can give you around 10,000 print convert it to piso every print :)

    multiply it for 5 months =50,000

    hope to enlighten

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  4. anele on Jan 13, 2012


    I was inspired with what you share. Is it possible to know if where to buy those items. As in I am zero knowledge about the photoprinting and rush ID business though I am knowledgeable in computer uses.

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  5. erds518 on Jan 14, 2012


    first you must have knowledge about Photo editing first
    most basic software is adobe photoshop

    you must master the basic of photshop in editing,

    you must master the following

    cropping photo
    brightness adjustment
    photo enhancement
    priting of picture quality

    and the very important of all the basics of portrait potography
    dahil sa pagkuha ng ID picture hindi lanng siya basta basta pcture picture

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  6. jimpy on Apr 07, 2012

    may 50k po ako? anu po pwedeng pang simulang negosyo?

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  7. michael on Apr 20, 2012

    franchising business http://www.filipinofoodcarts.weebly.com

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  8. f on Apr 20, 2012

    Sir, try mo to kahit marami n sa lugar nyo walang lugi..


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  10. lhen on May 03, 2012

    guys if PHOTO Printing or RUSH ID ang ipapatayo kong business at marami akong kakompetensya dito samin, what will you advice to lift up the business i’ll put up, i mean what are the unique strategies that i will throw to the market so that they will patronize mine.
    thank you in advance! :)

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  11. erds518 on May 16, 2012


    at PHOTO printing or rush ID
    there are two critical idea na dapat wag kalimutan

    Una ang Quality
    next is price

    in our family business we never ever ever ever ever sacrifice Quality, because it is the primary factor na babalik ang costumer mo. Never allow your costumer to be dissatisfied with your work. Ayaw namin na nakasimangot ang costumer ones he or she see his picture.

    And eto ang good part the “price.”]

    ito Ang pricing namin sa mg ID

    1×1 4 pcs = 10pesos
    2×2 4 pcs = 20pesos
    2×2 4pcs and 8 pcs 1×1 = 30 pesos
    take note may editing and maganda ang pictue because we dont sacrifice quality

    and the outcome :) is costumer come bak and refer to their friends

    “Uy du sa Erds Studio mura na maganda pa”

    hehehe hope makatulong

    BTW taga san po kayo baka kumpetensya namin kayo joke lang po

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  12. Anthony on May 27, 2012

    I need advise from anyone I’m OFW and I’m planing to for good in the Philippines. i have 500K deposit in bank and planing to have a business but the problem is i don’t have any idea of Which/what kind of business should i put up. can please give me some advise,idea,suggestion,

    Career background:
    Toshiba,Acer,e-machine,Packard bell,Hp,Dell,Compaq,Asus,Lenovo Certified Engineer.

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  13. Rica on Sep 04, 2012

    @Anthony you should use your career background to decide on what business to enter into. In your case, anything that has something to do with computers.

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  14. gena on Sep 13, 2012

    Victoryglobal sure to at mabilis bumalik ang ROI.if you want to know more inf.contact my mobile #09284341917

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  15. gena on Sep 13, 2012

    low capital lang po ang kelangan dito tapus babalik kaagad ang puhunan ninyo.my contact #09284341917..

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  16. darius ocasion on Nov 01, 2012

    babala sa lahat tungkol sa post ni gena


    mahiya kayo, maawa kayo sa mga naghirap kumita ng pera

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  18. yangme on Jan 26, 2013

    hello po..
    isa din akong ofw.
    nag babalak mag negosyo..pag naka uwi na ng pinas..
    pero wala pa po ako experience mag negosyo..
    usto ko sana ung small bizniz lang..
    at ang mga alam ko lang mga Sari sari store,mag baboyan,start sa isa lang muna
    hehe..at barbequehan po..at meron din akong..pwd ding gawing bhauz!
    ang tanung ko lng po..kung ok na kaya yan?
    buhay na kaya ako jan with mah family?:)
    tnx po..

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  19. rans on Sep 04, 2013

    photo printing THE BEST kahit sa bahay ka lang! 09192434846 call or txt me! HELP kita san mateo, rizal po ako!

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  20. hanep on Dec 30, 2013

    Mayroon po akong 100 Million sa bangko, gusto ko po magnegosyo ng carinderya at sarisari store at magbenta ng fishball…ok po ba un?

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  21. japong1968 ferreras on Jan 27, 2014

    isa po aqng ofw balak q sna magtau ng busness s pinas habang nandito aq sa abroad mga worth of 200k poh,bukod sa both printing anu poh kya mai susugest nyu,,,slamat!!!!!!!!

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