Best dividend-paying stock

March 14, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Investing, Personal Finance.

Hi Everyone,


I wanted to ask if anyone has a good idea which stocks pay the best dividends?


I’m trying to invest for cash flow, and this is one of the options I’m looking at. Right now, I’m thinking of BPI. it pays .90 per share, and a share costs around Php75. My thinking is it will roughly give me 1.2% per annum from this measure. At the same time, stock price will increase over time, so I can have options later on what to do with the capital once it matures.


If you have other insights, please share them also.




Edit: PLDT seems to have a better dividend to price ratio. Looks like i can get roughly 2% compared to 1% from BPI. If you have other recommendations or insights, please inform me.

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2 Responses to “Best dividend-paying stock”

  1. eagleeye says:

    all-year it’s going to be the telco companies =) if you’re looking for cash dividends, TEL and GLO

  2. nash says:

    hello!!! i can share with you which company i have invested and giving me a 12% monthly dividend.this is an offshore investment company and focus in gold mining stocks.if u r interested u may call/sms 0999-9938727.

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