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December 10, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Investing.

Does anybody know which UITFs  are performing well as of today? Well, I know that most of them, if not all, are performing well because of our growing economy. I just want to know which are on your top of the list. (preferably balanced fund šŸ™‚ ) Thanks!


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  1. Fitz says:

    From experience with BPI, BDO and Metrobank – BDO earns the highest. BPI, meanwhile, experiences the least dip when market is down.

  2. MondC says:

    Sir Fitz, you’re talking about balanced fund?

  3. Fitz says:

    yes, balanced and equity funds – med to high risk funds actually

  4. MondC says:

    Thanks Sir Fitz!

  5. MondC says:

    Guys, I have a follow up question. What is a “Money Market” fund? and why is this considered as low risk investment? šŸ™‚

  6. ChrisTiPiD says:

    BDO Balanced and equity funds and BPI equity fund:

    BDO Peso Balanced Fund –
    BDO Equity Fund –
    BPI Equity UITF –

  7. MondC says:

    Thanks ChrisTiPiD!

  8. egbert says:

    Hello. if i invest my little money in a balanced or equity funds. but i have an emergency is it possible that i can withdraw my money?and if there is a penalty for withdrawing and how much?thank you.

  9. MondC says:

    Hi egbert,

    Yes you can still withdraw your money. Some equity and balanced funds (particularly in uitf) have no holding periods like BPI and some does (BDO). BDO charges .50% of your original participation fee for early redemption. But I suggest that you build your emergency fund first before investing into funds. In that way, you dont need to pull outyour money from your investment fund especially when the market is down. You can read Sir Fitz’ blog regarding emergency fund at his website (ready to be rich). Good luck!

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