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What is the main consideration when starting a business?

Posted May 22, 2020 under Business & Entrepreneurship | No Comments

What is the main consideration when starting a business? What are the things you should think about if you want to start your own business? Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. So, your business should provide value, and that’s your first consideration. What problem are you solving, and what value are you bringing to the people who […]

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What’s a simple business to put up?

Posted May 20, 2016 under Business & Entrepreneurship, Freelancing, Income Opportunities | No Comments

I just want to earn something extra. So I need a simple business that I can put up. Nothing permanent, just something to give myself more cashflow for a few months. Thank you. Answer: It depends on what you can do, especially your skills. But here’s a few suggestions: 1. Rent extra space in your […]

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Is Load Mo Sarili Mo and still active?

Posted December 22, 2013 under Business & Entrepreneurship, Income Opportunities | 4 Comments

Hi, is Load mo Sarili AT ANG WWW.LOAD.COM.PH mo still active? fritz mahingi ang email add mo? salamat

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Good Business Ideas For 2014

Posted November 28, 2013 under Business & Entrepreneurship | 5 Comments

Let’s brainstorm here. Ano bang magandang negosyo para sa 2014? Please share your thoughts and I’ll compile them into a blog post. When you share your business idea, please tell one or two reasons why you think it will be a good and profitable venture for 2014. Personally, I believe there’s a huge market next […]

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What is the appropriate profit sharing for small business partnership?

Posted September 9, 2013 under Business & Entrepreneurship | No Comments

Im starting a small food business and I’m thinking to partner with a friend of mine. I’m trying to figure out how we should split the income percentage wise. The reason why I’m thinking to partner with my friend is because he is a fresh grad chef with full of new ideas that we could […]

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Personal Finance Career/Business

Posted June 26, 2013 under Business & Entrepreneurship, Career & Employment, Income Opportunities | No Comments

Hi everyone, I’m Jobel. I’m very passionate about personal finance and I want to have a career or business providing advice and educating people about their finances and investment. Can anyone give me their idea on what steps do I need to take?Their own experience in this field if any, and the benefits of the […]

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What are the Types of Businesses in the Philippines

Posted January 6, 2013 under Business & Entrepreneurship | No Comments

I’m converting our idle lot in the province into a farm by planting vegetables there and selling them in the local market. I don’t know what type of business in the Philippines this would fall under. I asked the city officer assigned to business permits and he said it should fall under manufacturing business. But […]

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