Do I need to register my website or blog as a business?

December 11, 2011 | By Fitz | Filed in: Business & Entrepreneurship, Freelancing, Income Opportunities.

I’m planning to put up a website or blog, and I was wondering if I need to register it in DTI and BIR if I intend to earn through ad postings (direct advertisers and via ad providers)?

As an additional question, what are the laws/rules in using pictures and text from other websites/blogs? Is it enough to just cie the source?


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3 Responses to “Do I need to register my website or blog as a business?”

  1. erds518 says:


    ANg pagkakaalam ko wala pa tayong law in terms of online bussiness, hindi ko lang alam kung sakop siya ng E-commerce law, try researching sa law na yun.

    And isa pa ang alam ko kapag ang sales mo sa site is in terms of credit card or check kailangan may DTI and BIR yun kasi may tax ang ganung mga payment.

    In terms of advertisement may mga free na nakukuha like google adsense pero kikita ka, pero kng balak mo gamitin ang product mo or ibang company, might as well talk to the marketing and sales ng mga company na yun, malay mo makakuha ka pa ng sponsorship to advertise their product dba.

  2. warrior09 says:

    Yes, both GoNegosyo and Entrepreneur Philippines suggest na you should register any type of business na meron ka.

  3. Fitz says:

    If it’s a single-author blog like mine, you could register as a self-employed professional / writer.

    Less forms and legalities to accomplish, and you could get yourself registered in BIR so you could issue ORs, allowing you to go after local businesses for advertising contracts.

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