Do married couples need to still have separate bank accounts?

October 19, 2011 | By Fitz | Filed in: Personal Finance.

Many people believe that once married, joining their finances with their spouse is the next step.

However, some have argued that it’s still important to keep separate accounts so each can have money for pure personal purchases.

But isn’t it better if the two of you can be open about your money and work those personal expenses within a combined budget?

Please share your thoughts.


3 Responses to “Do married couples need to still have separate bank accounts?”

  1. son says:

    marriage i believe does not make u loose your individuality. you still have your own personal expenses to take care of without having to talk it over with your spouse. I go therefore for personal account vis a vis a joint account

  2. erds518 says:


    There is no wrong in joint accounts, unless your partner is truthful and honest enough on where the money will be spent.

    But for me its much better to have both a joint and a seperate account, WHY? you ask

    Here is the explaination

    Joint accounts is usefull as the family fund, from where will be the expenses and emergency fund will come.

    Also your seperate account serves as a saving tool for your family in both ways partners can save so more larger saving for the family.

    i might also add, opening a trust fud for the future of the family in terms of childrens education and future.

  3. choleng_9787 says:

    Yes, having separate bank accounts even if you’re married is okay, as long as you’re open to your spouse about it. It gives you freedom to spend on things you want without compromising the fund set for joint/family expenses.

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