FarmOn, is it a good investment?

December 11, 2018 | By Fitz | Filed in: Investing.

Has anyone tried investing in FarmOn? Talaga bang sure na 30 to 40% return per annum? Okay ba mag-invest sa


First of all, as of writing, there’s no more 30 to 40% return. Income now at 10% per cycle pero pwede umabot ng 25%. It all depends sa crop or livestock that you choose.

So again, right now 6 to 8 months is the length of per cycle and 15 to 20 % ROI. It’s a good investment if you know what you’re investing on.

Best income I got before was with hot chili 34% in 3 months.

For one cycle, it starts with the farming. Depending on the crop or livestock, there’s 3-4 months but there are those that take up to 14 months before they get sold. You can see the duration of every crop or livestock when they open a new cycle. In one year, there’s usually 3 to 4 cycles that’s available for investment in FarmOn.

What’s the process to invest in FarmOn? Just go to the website and register and wait for a cycle top open. When you ordered a crop or livestock cycle, you will receive the contract that you will send to them and pay via BDO.

For now, the best FarmOn crop investments are those that are short-term like watermelon and squash. For livestock, invest in chicken or duck and tilapia fishpond. Just be fast because they close fast.

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