how can i transfer metrobank checque to my bpi savings account?

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  1. ForsakenOne says:

    You can deposit the check directly, provided that the check is addressed to you and the savings account is in your name.

    you can deposit a check to any savings account as long as the name on the check (recipient of them money) is the same as the savings account name.

    For slight differences, a bank might require an affidavit stating that name1 and name2 are the same person.

    The bank may not allow you to deposit a check for “juan dela cruz” to a savings account under the name of “jose pidal”.

    Also, if it’s pay to cash, you may encash the check in a metrobank branch (or whichever bank issued the cheque), and then deposit the cash into any bank/account you want.

  2. Danica Escote says:

    Hi,I just want to ask if I have to sign at the back of my cheque when i deposit it to my account? My cheque is from RCBC and I deposited it in my Metrobank ATM account but i didn’t put any information or sign in the back,is it okay?


    Hi! my employer paid me through cross cheque only for deposit. can i open a bpi express savings account for me to deposit it? tnx

  4. julius c. patayan says:

    Ma am/Sir can i deposit my metro bank check to my bpi bank account? even i am not the one personally to deposit? how about if my Father dont have any request letter come from this possible?

  5. leo says:

    its 3days clearing! motherfucker BPI, they doesnt tell the depositor about it before accepting the check!

  6. al says:

    Thanks for the inforamation forsakenone!

  7. ronald says:

    is it possible to cancel the transaction from other bank to transfer to other bank. for instance my cheque is for BDO then i i change my mind and i want to deposit it to BPI..?

  8. Mon says:

    someone deposited on my account i saw it on my account, but i cant withdraw the deposited account. is says the current balance and available balance. i cant withdraw the current balance. what does it mean? is there a clearing period before i am able to withdraw the current balance?

  9. Star says:

    Yes there is. 3-5 business days. It may appear on your account but it isn’t be abvailable yet ’til it’s been cleared.

  10. Star says:

    Yes there is. 3-5 business days. It may appear on your account but it isn’t available yet ’til it’s been cleared.

  11. Hi, need clarification. Can I transfer a PNB cheque (SSS loan) to BPI account? My SSS is still under my maiden name but my BPI account is already updated to my married name. Will it still be acceptable? I lost all my valid ID’s when I was single and all of my IDs now are under married name. And i’m looking for some way on how I can encash my loan. Your response is highly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot,

  12. rj100 says:

    Hi, can i deposit my bpi check to my personal bdo savings account? The name written on my bpi check doesnt have my suffix but the name on my personal bdo account has my suffix. Will it make any difference?!

  13. Janee says:

    Hello, I have a post dated checque for BPI, can I deposit it already to DBP? Is that even possible?

  14. mamz says:

    can I deposit an endorsed check by the payee to my own bpi account? thanks.

  15. Fredalyn says:

    Hi, Can I deposit a check that is under my name and Metrobank account to my BPI account?

  16. Erwin Maas says:

    Hi.. my friend received a BDO cheque from his client for the payment of his boat. There is no BDO around us here so he has to encash it through BPI.. How long does it take for her to encash the cheque?

  17. Arlyn says:

    Hello ma’am pwd b mag deposit ng cheque ng metro bank to bdo account

  18. MeMyself And Tina says:

    Can i deposit bdo cheque in bpi easy savers account?

  19. pol says:

    Hi! can i deposit my rcbc check to my friend’s account in bdo?thanks!

  20. Peter Ramos says:

    I received a bdo cheque for deposit account, in my name. I don’t have any bdo account. Though, I have my sister’ cash card which I acquired personally. Can deposit the cheque in it? Also, why a cross deposit cheque ?

  21. Rose Mary Mosende says:

    Hi. I have a cheque from metrobank and want to deposit it to my bpi savings account. Where should I go? To bpi office or metrobank office?

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