How do you help someone who is stubborn to find a job?

October 25, 2011 | By Fitz | Filed in: Career & Employment.

I have a friend who has been out of work for almost 3 months now. He resigned from his last job because he is not happy working there according to him.

But he’s not looking for a new job and just stays at home and watch television the whole day.

It’s not very productive and I want to motivate him to look for a job. Thanks.

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6 Responses to “How do you help someone who is stubborn to find a job?”

  1. erds518 says:

    Ask him whta he loves to do…

    If he wants to work but not leaving home he can work as a free lancer online, virtual job ika nga productive malaki pa kita.

    Isa pang job na kakaiba is GAME TESTER.. but true meron dito sa pilipinas lalo na mga game companies maghanap lang siya online sa mga legitimate site. Wag yng magbabayad pa siya.

    Isa pang way eh mag bussiness nalang xa, MAg dealer na alng xa ng mga BAGONG MGA LOADING BUSSINESS FOR ONLY 3500 PWEDE XANG kumita ng arond 8000 pesos magsipag lang kahit walng work magiging productive tayo, and after makaipon… alam na

    INVEST hehehehe

  2. jumnix says:

    first that you must do is to help him what he really likes to do.
    second, you have to help him how to convert that thing he likes to do into something that is productive and cash-producing.
    lastly, explain to him the effects of not having a job.

    but it really doesn’t matter if that person you are pertaining to has lots of cash in the bank. it’s totally a different story.

  3. jovski says:

    He’s old enough – he’ll come around eventually. Sooner or later the reality will bite him and that will spring him into action like never before.

  4. Fitz says:

    Tell him how you feel, but be prepared to have a negative reaction. If he’s a real friend, he will not take it against you, and understand your concerns.

    After that, you can really not do anything but to be a friend who can respect his life decisions.

    Lastly, just be a good example and strive to be self-sufficient and financially independent yourself, hopefully, he will get inspired and motivated with what he will see from you.

    One advise though… don’t lend him money unless it’s a life and death situation. Doing so might only encourage him to be a bum a bit longer.

  5. jm says:

    Try to find what motivates or inspire that person. Or better ask him whats keeping him from looking for a job . Maybe the last job that he have was a disaster so his confidence with himself was diminish and afraid to take another risk,because it might be the same as before. If that is not the case, ask your friend to go out, he might find new gadgets, new girls/boys / new places to hang around., That will motivate your friend to get a job. ,

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