How To Use This Site

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you sign up for an account?

Signing up takes only a few seconds. Simply CLICK HERE and enter a valid email address, a password and your full name.

NOTE: Your email address is also your username.

I can’t seem to register and make an account. Please help!

If you’re getting an error or nothing is happening when you’re registering for an account, then please SEND US AN EMAIL and we’ll help you set it up.

How do you change your password and other account information?

To change your password and edit your other account information, just click the “Edit Profile” under My Account or CLICK HERE.

Please note that you cannot change your email address (which is also your username) , so choose wisely when signing up.

How do you ask a question?

Just click the ASK A QUESTION button.

You will be taken to the “Ask a Question” page where you can type your question, add some details and select the Category to which your question belongs.

Don’t forget to enter the correct VERIFICATION CODE. This was placed to prevent spammers that automatically ask senseless questions on this site.

Also, once you submit your question, a moderator would need to approve it before it gets posted. This usually takes around 24 hours to happen. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience.

How do I answer a question?

Just go to the question and type in your answer.

If you’re not yet logged in, then you have to option to log-in before you submit your answer.

If you’re not yet registered, you have the option to register.

Please note that only registered users can answer a question.

Afterwards, you will then see your answer posted. If it doesn’t, then please don’t resubmit another one because sometimes, there’s a delay in our servers.

Double check everything before submitting your answer because you will NOT be able to edit your answer once you submit it.

My answer is not showing after waiting, what happened?

If it’s your first time to answer a question, or if your answer contains two or more external links; then your answer will be held for moderation. Don’t worry, our moderators will publish it once they’ve reviewed it.

But I really need to edit or delete something I just submitted?

For security purposes, only administrators and moderators can edit or delete questions and answers. CONTACT US if you really need something like this to be done.

Please be reminded that it could take a while before we could process your request. So always be careful when submitting your questions and your answers.

How do I post those smileys?

They’re the standard smileys for WordPress, you can read more about it HERE.

How do I receive votes?

When another member of this community thinks your answer is helpful, then they have the option to give it a “thumbs up” which gives you one vote.

These votes don’t have any monetary value and is simply used to measure how helpful you’ve been to the community in terms of sharing your knowledge.

Am I required to choose a “Best Answer” to my question?

Not really, but it’s encouraged.

Choosing a “Best Answer” helps people with the same concern as yours see the best given answer faster. Plus, it rewards the person who gave the “Best Answer” with points, thus increasing his reputation as a good member of this community.

Do note that new answers will no longer be accepted if the question already has a “Best Answer”.

I keep getting an error while using the site, what should I do?

This website is in OPEN PUBLIC BETA so errors are bound to happen somewhere. Please help in improving this website by sending as an email and telling more about the error. Contact us HERE.


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