I am in retirement, I need help to make money with investment.

December 12, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Investing.


I like to ask Fitz:


How do I use my life saving to make money with investments?


I am already 75 years old, over ten years in retirement and living off my liife saving.


I don’t have any business and as I said am already retired therefore not earning from employment.


I am very worried with losing all my remaining life saving if I go into investment without knowledge, and skills, and most important, experience.


Dear Fitz, you are a person with knowledge, skills, and experience, and are doing very well now making money with investments, namely, using the money you have saved up and also the money you have made with investment, to make more money; and most important, you have the desire to help others like myself: that is why I am asking you for help.


If I don’t go into investment to make money, then soon eventually I will certainly use up all my life saving and find myself in a totally penniless situation,which is a very bad situation, for as blood is needed for the body to stay alive, money is needed for the body to stay in existence alive, and live with some measure of respect in society.


So, dear Fitz, I hope you will attend to my concern personally because you are the most knowledgeable, and with the most skills, and possessed of the most experience in making money from money, i.e., investment.


What investments should I go into, so that I will keep intact what remains of my life saving, and even add to it as to outpace inflation, and very important: earn return for my everyday living expenses, and all the time the most important thing is that I don’t lose money at all, namely, as I engage in investment I will experience that at least every 4 months as I look back on those four months doing investment: I end up earning more money in the net balance than I lose money.


That should provide me with money for my everyday living expenses, add to my life saving, and make me happy because then I will really feel secure.



Thanks for any help, and also to folks here.






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