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Has anyone here tried to invest in BPI Odyssey Funds ? Would you be so kind to kindly share the details and performance of the funds ? Fitz, would it be possible if you can take some time to write about it ? Thank you very much .

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  1. Fitz says:

    Hi jm. Thanks for the suggestion… I already asked my friend who works in BPI for information about this. Hopefully, I’d be able to write about it soon.

  2. ForsakenOne says:

    I have tried three BPI Odyssey funds: the Peso Bond Fund, Equity Fund and High Conviction Equity fund.

    Unfortunately, i did not stay long and and did not have an extensive experience with other funds so I cannot give a comprehensive review. But based on my experience:

    1. Equity fund’s “highs” are higher, even though HiCon has a greater percentage devoted to stocks than Equity fund.
    2. The “lows” are comparable.
    3. Overall, I would choose equity fund.
    4. The only caveat is that High Conviction is newer, in terms of it being started just a few years ago. You may want to gamble that it will do better in the long run.

    5. Peso Bond fun is ok, but comparing it with BPI’s Premium Bond Fund, i think i liked the Premium Bond Fund’s performance better.

    6. Thing to note, the fees are higher for Odyssey funds,
    7. For the Equity funds, it seems worth it since it seems the Odyssey equity funds perform better than BPI’s own equity fund,
    8. For the peso bond fun, i’m not yet sure if it is worth it.

    9. I did get some sort of “refund” when i withdrew my money. I think because it wasn’t there for a full year?

    10. I was tracking the price swings almost daily, matching the fluctations with what’s on the news, comapring the similar funds (HiCon vs Equity, Premium vs Peso Bond Fund). I don’t have much experience, so my evaluation is based mostly on this. And it was only for several months.

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