Is the internet cafe business still a good business to put up today?

October 15, 2011 | By Fitz | Filed in: Business & Entrepreneurship.

The internet cafe business boom started in the late 90’s and has consistently been a favorite business to put up by Filipinos through the years. But given today’s affordable residential broadband rates, do you think it’s still a good business to put up?

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4 Responses to “Is the internet cafe business still a good business to put up today?”

  1. rins says:

    I have witnessed several internet shops here in our area that attempted to make it but closed a few months after it opens. Internet is becoming more and more affordable and so are computers. Almost all household from average families up have a least a desktop. And so, based on experience and personal observation, the internet cafe business is NOT a good business to put up today.

  2. erds518 says:

    When starting this bussiness the priority is LOCATION

    like this one the most promising location is near a COLLEGE not highschool not elementary. Most of college students dont have loptops to access wifi and dont even afford to have one, or at ahome even.

    Some students go the NET cafe instead to go last minute research on their homeworks, check their FB status and read imporant email for their school project and thesis.

    and also instead of just NET service you can also add some additional services like Rush ID, Photocopy and Book Binding and School Supply.

    Just look for the best location and be ready for the amount you will invest because commercial establishements near Colleges are worth a big amount of money these days.

  3. Jesse says:

    No. Access to computers is becoming cheap. OK siya dati noong mahal pa ang computers (at hindi pa considered na commodity – or it’s just me?).

    Ang magandang business ay instant printing business. Mura na din kasi ang laptops.

  4. @Jesse is right. Inter access has become more affordable and most of the internet shops that are continually earning are those that has good location (mostly near schools) not because of educational purpose but of online gaming.

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