Is VMOBILE tech a good business?

January 17, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Business & Entrepreneurship.

i’ve read it on the internet but im not sure if this is a scam or not.


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  1. Piaps says:

    Hi Abby, VMobile is not a scam and it really is a good concept.

    However they seem to be more concentrated on recruiting rather than in developing their product and system. My 12-year old daughter is using it right now (sort of a part-time business for her), she’s into the “loading” business only and does not recruit.

    Advantages of VMobile:

    > You don’t need to change your sim card.
    > You only need one sim card for all networks (globe, smart, sun, etc.)
    > You also get to sell prepaid internet cards, prepaid phone cards, etc.
    > You can load customers via the internet.
    > You can earn more money thru recruiting.

    So far these are the disadvantages:

    > During peak hours loading takes sooooo much time (^_^) and sometimes (also during peak hours) resulting to incomplete transaction.
    > Reloading your eload “wallet” is a little inconvenient as we have make a deposit to any of Vmobile’s bank account, text the deposit details, and wait (and wait, wait, wait) for confirmation. Sometimes you have to wait for days for the problem to be solved.
    > VMobile will deduct one peso for every loading transaction using the cellphone (my daughter uses the internet to load because of this). So it’s not really recommended for someone who don’t have easy internet access.

    As a loading business – I would still prefer the regular loading system. I think most of the successful Vmobile members were able earn more in recruiting and not in the loading business itself.

  2. abby says:


    thanks alot..a friend of mine was trying to recruit me the other day but i think Vmobile isn’t for me recruitment wise coz im not the type of person who does the active part of selling the product..its good that you managed to explain the pros and cons of this business.. again MANY THANKS!!

  3. chriz says:

    I tell you the concept of vmobile.
    Vmobile is not only in retailing and recruiting. We give people a discount on their load consumption. Its only people’s choice if they want to sell or not. In the first 4years of vmobile, the company is in the stage of learning process at masasabi ko matatapos na sa learning process ang company because vmobile is improve a lot when it comes to technical problems. parang student lang yan na nagpapractice in 4years in college.

    I admit that time medyo may air time congestion problem ang vmobile,even other universal load ganyan din ang problem. but now vmobile is Improve! Dati 2 lang data center ng Vmobile. This company have purchase more 6 IBM data center to reduce air time congestion and it cost 6M each so 36M all in all. That’s whg-improve na rin ang system nito. I highly 100% guarantee you, traditional loading and vmobile loading have an equal performance thru loading the customer.. they will recieve the load in real time. promise.
    I dare everyone,give it a try! wala namang mawawala.. paano kung totoo ito sinasabi ko. Vmobile Technologies Inc. is in 4years in operation and still keep going strong with the partnership of Penta Capital. Penta Capital is the most outstanding leading company in the Philippines na siyang nagpapautang sa ibang corporation like alaska,shell,mrt,petron,cebu pacific,7-eleven,abs-cbn,san miguel corp.,sm prime,jg summit holding Inc. and manila water.
    In short vmobile is a strong company. Smart saw that vmobile have a higher sales than their usual retailers outside,therefor, Smart give the vmobile an award for the MOST AIRTIME EXCELLENCE AWARD,MOST AIRTIME ACHIEVER AWARD,ACTIVATION ACHIEVER AWARD. And smart co. is given the vmobile a special M-power sim exclusively in vmobile only at hindi ito nabibili sa kahit saan loading outlet,in vmobile only. in only 50pesos you can load your own cellphone and enjoy lifetime discount that you might not get to favorite retail store.
    I tell you the concept, the objective of vmobile is not the retailers or being a retailers.. who have the most numbers? the retailers or the consumers? I believe you know the answer.. vmobile is specially design to give the consumers a lifetime discount of their daily load expenses. Sino ba ang ayaw ng discount? A lot of people are waiting for a sales at the mall, right? When you have a cellphone it is automatically your liabilities, The objective of vmobile is to turn your cellphone to liabilities to become your assets. The more you load,the more you have a discount and the more you have a friends want a discount, the more you earn a lots of money even without selling them. This is the right time for those want to decrease their load consume 8-13% lifetime discount.
    You dont have to recruit people by joining them into this business, just share this wonderful lifetime loading discount and that’s it!.. your income will follow just only sharing and giving them th opportunity to make a discount.
    When it comes to bank replenish naman, meron nang bank na pwede nang mag-confirm on that same day.replenish ka sa umaga then tanghali meron ka nang load
    replenish ka ng hapon then before 8pm may load kana. Sa main office in real time meron na kasi direct kana unlike sa bank under-processing pa yan kaya medyo matagal. pero kung tutuusin yan na ang matagal na mabilis, why? Sa ibang liabilities mo kung magbabayad ka sa banko ex. elec.bills,water bill,phone bills and other bills 36hrs ang processing period ng banko jan, compare mo sa vmobile 3-4hrs lang at hindi na kailangan ng text confirmation-kung sa UNIONBANK or UCPB. Under negotiation pa sa METROBANK
    para hindi na rin kailangan ng text confirmation.
    then, there you have it! hope you get it!
    If you have any question or objection you are free to contact me

    leave a msg @ my website:

    If for any reason I wasn’t able to answer it, text me.
    I’ll call you back asap. PM @ 09398615826

  4. Rebbe says:

    Well, kung hindi scam yang VMobile na yan, pakibalik nga ang 6K worth of load wallet ko na nawala na parang bula. Ilang weeks na no reply pa rin yang kapita-pitagang company nyo sa complaint ko. SCAM!

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