Okay ba itong VMobile LoadingXtreme?

October 16, 2011 | By Fitz | Filed in: Income Opportunities.

The company started 2008 at buhay pa rin hanggang ngayon. Sa tingin ninyo legitimate network marketing company ito kasi tumagal sila ng ilang taon? Kindly share your experience with VMobile below. Thanks.


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  1. Red says:

    Interested din ako malaman ito. Maraming nagre-recruit sa akin na mga kaibigan ko pero shempre, sasabihin nila okay. Mas maganda kung mas marami pa akong makuhang information about this here. Thanks.

  2. erds518 says:

    maganda namn ang kita sa mga gantong business, around 12% ang tubo halimbawa ang 500 pesos mo arond 60 pesos ang tubo.
    Nasa sa iyo nalang yn kung papatungan mo nalang to increase the income.
    Alam ko merong mga packages pa yan like recruiting and selling other product. why not try dba.

  3. choleng_9787 says:

    I have been a Vmobile dealer for almost a year now, and I would suggest VMOBILE as an option if you want to have your own prepaid loading business without large start-up costs.

    In VMOBILE-Loadxtreme, you could either choose to become a dealer or a retailer. The capital you need for dealership is of course greater than that of retailers, but for those who would want to try its services before venturing thru dealership, only P300 is needed to purchase a retailer ID card.

    The convenience of this system is that you have to maintain only one load wallet for all networks/prepaid services, and that you don’t have to purchase separate sims for loading; you just have to have your number registered to start operations. The catch is you have to have text credits to be able to use the service since a text message is sent to a gateway every time you load. Ninety percent (90%) of load credits in you wallet is deducted for every sale, so more or less kung retailer ka, you get at least 10% margin per sale.

    As for the dealership, the whole package costs around almost 4k, 3,998 if I remember correctly. Inclusive are 20 retailer cards. Bawi na agad ang puhunan if you get to sell all 20 cards. On top of the direct profit from retailer cards, you get 1% of every sale of each of the retailers under you. You have to maintain at least P 1,000 load credits to have the 1% credited to your inventory.

    Hope this info has shed some light. šŸ™‚

  4. son says:

    i tried it before ( about a year ago, i think) as a dealer for about two months since i have a sari sari store. it was not a pleasant experience for me. it has some drawbacks

    1. customers want their load in real time. they dont load if they still have a existing load but since vmobile is a 3rd party, loading time sometimes bogs down. customers keep coming back and asking why they havent received their load yet.
    2. sometimes, their gateway is always in maintenance so u are unable to do any transaction in any of the three networks..
    3. its a hassle to go to a bank just to load.
    4. sometimes customers come one after another, having only one cellphone for the 3 networks is quite difficult. some customers dont have the patience to wait
    5. i did my actual profit comparison between vmobile and the 3 separate networks, the latter still give the better profit
    6. their customer service is so difficult to contact.
    7. my sales from loading dipped more than 30% when i started using vmobile so i had no choice but to go back to using 3 separate sims

    this was my own personal experience and hopefully better guide to whatever choice u make. goodluck

  5. chriz says:

    I admit that time medyo may air time congestion problem ang vmobile,even other universal load ganyan din ang problem. but now vmobile is Improve! Dati 2 lang data center ng Vmobile. This company have purchase more 6 IBM data center to reduce air time congestion and it cost 6M each so 36M all in all. That’s why nag-improve na rin ang system nito. I highly 100% guarantee you, traditional loading and vmobile loading have an equal performance thru loading the customer.. I dare everyone here,give it a try! wala namang mawawala.. paano kung totoo ito sinasabi ko. Vmobile Technologies Inc. is in 4years in operation and still keep going strong with the partnership of Penta Capital. Penta Capital is the most outstanding leading company in the Philippines na siyang nagpapautang sa ibang corporation like alaska,shell,mrt,petron,cebu pacific,7-eleven,abs-cbn,san miguel corp.,sm prime,jg summit holding Inc. and manila water. in short vmobile is a strong company. Smart tel.co. saw that vmobile have a higher sales than their usual retailers outside,therefor, Smart tel.co. give the vmobile an award for the MOST AIRTIME EXCELLENCE AWARD,MOST AIRTIME ACHIEVER AWARD,ACTIVATION ACHIEVER AWARD. And smart co. is given the vmobile a special M-power sim exclusively in vmobile only at hindi ito nabibili sa kahit saan loading outlet,in vmobile only. in only 50pesos you can load your own cellphone and enjoy lifetime discount that you might not get to favorite retail store. I tell you this, the objective of vmobile is not the retailers or being a retailers.. who have the most numbers? the retailers or the consumers? I believe you know the answer.. vmobile is design to give the consumers a lifetime discount of their daily load expenses. Sino ba ang ayaw ng discount? A lot of people waiting for a sales to the mall, right? When we buy a cellphone it is automatically your liabilities, but vmobile turn it liabilities to become your assets. The more you load,the more you have a discount and the more you have a friends want a discount, the more you earn a lots of money even without selling them. This is the right time for those want to decrease their load consume 8-13% lifetime discount

  6. chriz says:

    for those who are intersted to earn 500-1k/day this might be your chance. PM @ 09398615826 and I will personally assist you to office at robinson corporate center. when you see the Business metting then you decide,hindi kita pipilitin its your choice. After you have reviewed the VMobile business,create a list of questions, and then … CALL ME!
    By explaining your personal situation with me, I can provide you with our insights and recommendations based on your specific situation. We encourage you to
    contact us personally by phone or by email if you prefer:
    Let’s make one thing VERY clear…

    somelame sales pitch to get you to sign up with
    VMobile. We must both confidently agree
    that you would be a positive addition to the team.
    When people get pressured into something,
    it only creates future headaches and people who whine,
    complain and quit anyway.

    You see, I’m serious about helping you succeed as well.
    And I’m dead serious about choosing to work only with
    people that are mentally ready to follow simple instructions
    and a simple system.

    Ready Ka Na Ba To Make Serious Amount Of Money?

    Are you ready to learn how to turn your
    cellphone into your own personal ATM machine?

    Kung Malaking OO Ang Sagot Mo,

    Just Do It!

    Let’s make one thing clear… this is 100% your choice and
    I’m not here to convince anybody on anything.
    I’m here to work with truly dedicated and serious individuals,
    who are at the right time in their life to take advantage of
    the tools and knowledge our team have to offer. End of story.

    If this is you, then JUST DO IT!

    All the best,

    Cris Soloria

    Team Leader of VMOBILE Magnetic Titans

  7. Emgee B. says:

    iF v mobile

  8. Emgee B. says:

    iF v mobile is such a good and profitable company, do they offer stock options? šŸ™‚

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