What’s the most important rule of investing?

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The most important rule of investing is setting goal, because a financial goal will dictate where you should invest. And it will also be your source of financial discipline. More details in the video below.

Which companies are good to buy in the Philippine stock market?

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Do you want to invest in the stock market? What companies should you buy? It’s hard to answer this question if you don’t have a strategy. Particularly, you need to decide if you’re going to be a stock trader or a stock investor. Because good companies to buy in the Philippine stock market depends on […]

What types of investments compound like time deposits?

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Anong investments ang nag-co-compound na katulad ng time deposit? The truth is, a lot of paper assets like mutual funds and stocks don’t really compound, but if they did, the compounding rate would be higher than time deposits. When you see illustrations where these investments compound, they are using the concept of the compounded annual […]

How can I earn lots of money?

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Many people are asking how can they earn lots of money. Some are looking for ways to make money fast today. Most want to make money online and are looking for free ideas, especially those that don’t need a big capital or investment. Here’s my quick personal opinion. Answer: We all want to earn lots […]

How do I become rich? Seriously.

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How do you become rich? Is there a general strategy that you can do to become rich? Answer: Money is a game to be played. There are a few rules that the rich operate with that the poor simply do not. It does not take too long to become rich if you operate with the […]

FarmOn, is it a good investment?

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Has anyone tried investing in FarmOn? Talaga bang sure na 30 to 40% return per annum? Okay ba mag-invest sa FarmOn.ph? Answer: First of all, as of writing, there’s no more 30 to 40% return. Income now at 10% per cycle pero pwede umabot ng 25%. It all depends sa crop or livestock that you […]

Are rich people frugal?

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Is it true that most rich people are frugal? If so, then does that mean one needs to be frugal to become wealthy? I guess my question, if you put it in another way is that what’s the reason why rich people are good at scrimping? Answer: How do you think they got so wealthy? […]