Philequity or FAMI

April 9, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Investing.

Im planning to invest in an equity mutual fund. I would like to know which one is better (in terms of performance, redeeming process & etc.)

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4 Responses to “Philequity or FAMI”

  1. Nick Raquel says:

    FAMI could be more convenient since you can transact to any metrobank branch.

  2. ForsakenOne says:

    For FAMI, does that mean you can transact online as well? (i.e. subscribe, redeem, view unrealized gain/loss)

  3. pj says:

    you can actually view your FAMI portfolio (meaning not only your profit/loss also # of shares you hold) if you link it with your firstmetro trading account. in that case you need to open a trading account with them also.:)

  4. Anthony says:

    Yes, you can transfer money online through your metrobank online account. That’s how i invest in my SALEF as well as COL account.

    I like them both that’s why i invest in philequity too. But i find fami more convenient.

    God bless you!


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