Registering small KPO/BPO services

May 27, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Business & Entrepreneurship.

Hi Fitz and everyone,

Please advise me how to register a small KPO/BPO services to BIR and SEC (?).

I’d been doing freelance online writing jobs for quite sometime and lately I’d been given by my US client a long term high volume project – 5 years contract but it needs to be with a company. My client advised me to register a KPO/BPO company in order to be awarded with the project.

I’m planning to hire home-based freelance writers and pay them per article.

Please let me know how to register a home-based partnership (2 owners) KPO business in BIR for TIN, and other permits. How much tax (%) do KPO services pay to BIR? Do I need to deduct witholding tax from my home-based freelance writers’ income?



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  1. omeng says:

    I suggest you consult with an accountant specializing in business start-ups.

    I think you would normally go through the steps in starting your own business by:

    1. Determine if it is Sole Proprietoship, Partnership or Corporation
    2. Go to the SEC and register for Partnership and Corporation
    3. Register your business name with DTI.
    4. Go to Business Bureau in the City Hall to apply for business permit.
    5. Comply with the requirements such as: sanitary/health permit, bureau of fire, sss & Philhealth registration (if you intend to hire), BIR, etc, etc.

    Let you accountant guide and help you.

    Good luck!

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