should i have credit card before aplying for a paypal account?

January 24, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: General Information.

I actually don’t know how paypal works..can you give me a simple tutorial about this? thanks!

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  1. erds518 says:

    @ abby

    PAYPAL is an international accont that you will use to give and receive money ONLINE\\\

    ints like mobile banking pero online xa,

    PRIMARY REQUIREMENT NITO eh dapat meron kang MASTER CARD dahil mastercard lang ang acceptable internationally.

    NOON ang mastercard lang na meron ay Credit cards BUT today marami nang option na pwede para maka avail ng isang master card

    for example

    meron silang “EON account” isang ATM account na mastercard na pwedeng lagyan ng laman and withdraw at the same time na pwedeng i link sa PAYPAL mo,
    PRICE of EON aacount: around 300pesos

    mero silang easy mastercard or E-mastercard, mero din silang prepaid mastercard na pwede mong kargahan like an ordinary debit card and yun linkit to your PAYPAL account.

    i hope makatulong yung few chismis ko about paypal

  2. abby says:


    thanks alot po!! ^_^ sure is helpful!!

  3. warrior09 says:

    Yes! Don’t use a virtual credit card or a prepaid Mastercard na hindi nagproprovide ng billing statements. Paypal usually review random transactions and they hold-off payments if parang questionable ang activities mo. They will ask you to provide IDs, utility bills and billing statement ng Credit Card mo to re-activate yung account mo.

    Also, I suggest na you use a complex password and change them at least every 3 months kasi madaling ma-hack ang Paypal accounts. I’ve experienced this already, fortunately, na hold ng credit card company yung mga na-transfer na accounts na hindi naman legitimate.

    Just be careful.

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