Starting sideline Business for a young professional

May 17, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Business & Entrepreneurship, Income Opportunities, Investing, Personal Finance.

Good Morning Everyone I am back from nearly half a year of inactivity hehehe.


I am just to busy at work at a manufacturing company in cavite as a company nurse. and now a regular employee hehe, now im starting to save even more becuase i have a savings in my salary in our company.


Here is my Question


For a young proffesional like me who also have stocks in the stock market, i want to establish an active income with me not just passive. What is the best income generating ideam, i have tried loading business but sad to say i failed becuase of varios reason and im looking to find new ways of income.


I dont consider MLM, networking and other get rich easy way scheme. I want to have a business with low starting capital even im working for 8 hours.


Regards to sir FITZ i miss you guys


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  1. Fitz says:

    Hi erds518. What about selling stuff online? There’s a lot of eBay and Multiply success stories out there.

    Also, you can try blogging… it takes time, but nevertheless a good source of active income, which becomes semi-passive after a couple of years.

  2. ForsakenOne says:

    Yep, blog about your passion.

    Even if you aren’t an expert, or it’s obscure (doggie shirts!), you’ll get sometihng for doing what you like.


    Write a book! (it’s only passive after it’s published;) Again, you can write about things you like/love. Or heck, write everything you hate and why you hate them – in a funny and/or constructive way of course.


    Ever heard of Amazon Turk? basically a crowdsourcing thing, but google can explain it better than me. A few other web companies have somehting like this too, but i forgot which ones…


    cook/bake and sell in your neighborhood or workplace?

    Program apps/games for the iphone! tools are free (i think) so only your time and skill is needed… although there might be a 99$ fee to post apps on the istore though, so probbaly not a risk-free venture….


    dyaryo/bote! ๐Ÿ˜€ Php40 per kilo of pet bottles… ok, i’m not serious, but if you have a lot of junk lying around, try hauling them of to a recycling center or junk shop. Along the way, keep an eye open and maybe inspiration might strike you…


    tutor kids! ๐Ÿ˜€ …you might need to be certified or something, sorry i dunno. but if you like kids it might be worth a look-see


    if you have money, look into owning/opertaing a tricycle (and just hiring a driver). Not sure how this works, but if there aren;t a lot of tricycles in your area yet, it might be worth a shot – just be sure to hire a driver you have confidence in. -Big risk because of the capital, and semi passive, but you’ll probably be exerting a lot of effort doing the cost-analysis and raising capital – not to mention studying the business.


    maybe you can look at your skill set and see which one you can freelance with.

    There’s probably more ideas out there but I can’t think of more.

    (Anyway I’m thinking of putting up a load side-business, any warnings on what could drag it down?)

  3. kidlatero says:

    @ ForsakenOne thaks..may natutunan ako sa post mo..

    by the way..tunkol sa tanong mo sa loading business,,

    malaki ang capital na kailangan sa negosyo na yan.. at ang laki ng tutubuin mo ay naka salalay sa kung gaano kadami ng load/prepaidcards ang maipagbibili mo..

    mag ingat ka lang sa mga nga pala..load /prepaid cardsang unang tinatarget ng mga mangagantso..lalo na ng mga budol budol gan..

    yun lamang ang nalalaman ko sa hanap buhay na iyan


  4. chris barcelona says:

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