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FarmOn, is it a good investment?

Posted December 11, 2018 under Investing | No Comments

Has anyone tried investing in FarmOn? Talaga bang sure na 30 to 40% return per annum? Okay ba mag-invest sa Answer: First of all, as of writing, there’s no more 30 to 40% return. Income now at 10% per cycle pero pwede umabot ng 25%. It all depends sa crop or livestock that you […]

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Why is it hard to make money in stock market trading?

Posted June 4, 2016 under Investing | 1 Comment

I always read about people making lots of money in stock market trading. I have studied how it works, and know more than an average person about stock market trading. But why can’t I make lots of money? Why is it hard to make money in the stock market, particularly, stock trading? Answer: The short […]

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How should a young person invest?

Posted June 3, 2016 under Investing | No Comments

I’m a fresh graduate and will start my new work soon. Many say that one should invest as early as possible so I would like to do it as soon as I get my first salary. The question is, how should someone like me in my 20s invest? Answer: The most important lesson for young […]

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How should one invest in a bear market?

Posted May 31, 2016 under Investing | No Comments

The stock market is falling, and I’m afraid to invest because everything is going down. What’s the strategy when it’s a bear market? Should I avoid investing? Or should I buy now because prices are low? Answer: This is a superb question because there are a lot of misconceptions out there about true value investing […]

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Are UITFs good investments?

Posted May 17, 2016 under Investing | No Comments

I’m ready to invest. I have my emergency fund and a life insurance policy. Now, it’s time to invest and I know there are many investment options. I am particularly leaning toward UITFs. I’m a beginner, so are UITFs a good investment? Answer: Are UITF investments good or bad? Well, there’s no one best answer […]

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What websites do you read or visit to learn about the status of different financial markets?

Posted September 12, 2013 under Investing | 2 Comments

I’m thinking of investing in international financial markets but I would first like to study them. Aside from the New York Stock Exchange, what other financial markets are worth going into? But more importantly, where do I go or what website do I read to get to know them better? Thanks!

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Question on Peso Cost Averaging (PCA)

Posted June 26, 2013 under Investing | 1 Comment

Hello. I have very limited knowledge about stock market and Peso Cost Averaging (PCA). For example, I retire after 40 years of practicing PCA and the Philippine stock market has crashed by that time. Am I guaranteed to still make huge retirement money after all, I practiced Peso Cost Averaging? Or will I wait like […]

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