What are the best Stocks to buy with minimum budget for Cost Averaging?

October 19, 2011 | By Fitz | Filed in: Investing.


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  1. patrick says:

    Hi erds, just like the stock you want go for GMA7, its not that volatile, so your cost averaging is for accumulation of shares… good for dividends šŸ™‚

  2. Fitz says:

    My stock broker, which is Citiseconline, recommends AC, ALI, AP, BDO, BPI, DMC, EDC, ICT, JFC, MBT, MPI, MWC, SM, SMPH, TEL and URC.

    Just choose which among them would fit your budget. The cheapest stocks there are SMPH, MWC, MPI, EDC, ALI and AP.

  3. erds518 says:

    @patrick yup i researched GMA7 and GMAP they are both not that volatile pwede siyang pangtagalang low cost averaging

  4. patrick says:

    erds, GMA7 I think is enough, since both are under the same management 7-common shares while P-preferred shares. you can also consider Fitz recommendation as per COL-eip. I bet with MWC.

  5. erds518 says:

    mahal kasi ang starting ng COL kailangan ng 5000 maintain balance

    while pag gamit ko ang BPI it is only 500 Maintain and i can do my stocks on my own

  6. patrick says:

    Nde ko alam kung 25k pa din ang starting sa COL, pero 25k is also my recommended para kht papaano ramdam mo ang taas ng price (pati ng pagbaba…hehehe). Sa pagkakaalam ko walang maintaining balance sa COL kht ubusin mo ok lang. Sa BPI meron yung 500 nga.

  7. Fitz says:

    25k ang starting minimum fund sa COL for a regular account, but they have the Easy Investment Program (EIP) na 5k lang ang starting minimum fund. Pero walang maintaining balance, pag na-activate yung account mo, pwede mo gamitin lahat yun to buy stocks.

  8. ChrisTiPiD says:

    my personal choice would be MWC and ALI. RLC and SMPH are also good performers.

    5,000 opening sa Citiseconline and you can use it for EIP or for trading. Once may account ka na, ikaw na ang bahala. But when you open an account, make sure that you are creating an EIP accout. pwede ka bumili for EIP or for short term, kahit buy and sell pwede din. There’s no difference with the regular account with P 25,000 initial. No maintaining either of the accts.

  9. xtrade says:

    if i invested monthly of 3000 for my selected stock with a price of P25, it can only buy 100 shares right? what if my stock appreciate to P30, can i still buy it on the next scheduled order?

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