What are the requirements for starting a tutorial business?

December 9, 2011 | By Fitz | Filed in: Business & Entrepreneurship.

Planning to put up a English-language tutorial business. Will mainly teach Koreans but will also offer tutorials for students.

Aside from the usual requirements for getting a business permit, are there any license I need to get, for example, accreditation from the Department of Education?

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  1. ForsakenOne says:

    Hi Rene! Sorry I’m not familiar with the requirements. The most helpful advice I can give you is to “try” some of the education-centric franchises. There are actually several tutorial service franchises (i was very surprised to find this out myself).

    You may pretend to be interested in franchising them, and in doing so you can let them explain to you some of what they do. They probably wont share business tips or supplier information, but they should be more than willing to tout their credentials and perhaps even give you a list of the permits you will need to get (or that they will help you get).

    A little tricky, but I don’t know any other way as I’m unfamiliar with this myself. Alternatively you can just head to your barangay or nearest BIR office and just go ahead and ask. This may entail a lot of effort, getting pointed in several directions, and if you’re unlucky maybe even get conflicting info. Of course, with any luck you might get a list outright and that’s it.

    Good luck in your business!

    (I realize its been a while, so please let us know how it went. thanks)

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