What is the best insurance company in the Philippines?

September 6, 2015 | By Fitz | Filed in: Personal Finance.

I am planning to get one. Please help me in choosing the best. Thanks in advance.


Any company that’s consistently among the top 10 of the Insurance Commission is good. More than the company, what’s really important is choosing the right insurance agent.

Make sure that your agent practices great customer service. Easy to call and explains to you the policy thoroughly. And puts your interest first. Your agent should be able to help you understand your financial plan.

Lastly, choose an agent whom you are willing to have a long-term, professional relationship with because they’re the ones who will remind you of payments, and later on in case of death — be the one to process the release of the benefits.

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One Response to “What is the best insurance company in the Philippines?”

  1. Mich says:

    Hi Tin! What is your criteria to say that a particular company is the best? When looking for an insurance company, I would advice for you to look at a couple of things –

    1) An agent that you can trust and count on. Someone that you believe will give you sound advice and is committed to the company that they represent. It is difficult when your account is left orphaned and assigned to someone else;

    2) The credibility of an insurance company should not be reliant on its number of celebrity endorsers, billboards or television ads. Having numerous advertisements just means the company chooses to put a lot of their money in advertising because endorsements and billboards are expensive. Instead, rate credibility based on true standards like worldwide stability and reputation and more importantly fund performance. Which leads me to

    3) The products offered by insurance companies are essentially the same. The big difference comes with fund management and how well they can manage your money. Choose the best fund manager. Choose the company whose funds have been performing the best.

    I hope this helped.

    If you would like to know more about a company that is ranked consistently within the Top 4 in the Philippines, within the Top 10 Insurance companies worldwide and whose funds are managed by one of the biggest asset managers in Asia and is the only foreign fund manager tasked by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to manage its funds, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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