Which is better citiseconline or bpitrade?

February 15, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Investing.


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  1. Fitz says:

    I’m biased towards citiseconline because I’m a client, but the one thing I like about them is that their interface is much easier to use.

    Also, as a business focused on the stock market, I get more comprehensive stock market data and analysis from them.

  2. erds518 says:

    Uhmm there are so many diffrence about the two…

    CITISECONLINE (COL) is a brokerage company itself which means they handle all transactions in the stock market thru their programs tulad ng EIP (early investment program),

    PWEDE karing mag trade using their website interface sa halagang 25,000 pesos you can trade using theri interface. NOTE trading po yun.

    in BPItrade is only a program of BPI which handles trading in the stock market, there are lesser costumer and provider interaction, dahil online lang. Walang maxadong costumer support. Ibig sabihin SOLO MODE KA in trading and investing, meron Naman silang mga update and news occasionally. MGANDA LANG SA BPItrade free registration siya and 500 pesos lang ang maintaning balance niya.

    Masasabi ko in rating ko sa dalawa
    COL – for beginner investor (dahil may full support, yun nga lang medyo magastos)
    BPItrade – for intermediate and expert trade and investro (dahil gagawin mo siya ng mano mano- lahat ng investment scheme sa COL and trading type pwede mo gawin sa BPItrade pero Mano mano) hehehee kaya study study tlga

    hope maka tulong

  3. blackeyes says:

    thank you fitz and erds518. well noted. šŸ™‚

  4. futuretaipan says:

    This is informative as I’m also interested with COL. šŸ˜‰

  5. Herbs says:

    Ang COL mas user frienly at marami kang options unlike BPItrade medyo limited ang options mo. Ang kagandahan naman sa BPI marami silan good performing mutual funds and UITF to invest in.

  6. ForsakenOne says:

    BPItrade has i think one advantage:
    The money you park in it earns interest (1% or better i think), even if it’s just the 500 minimum.

    Otherwise, as a user for the past several months: BPItrade (and even BPI Online) sucks.

    The interface is bad. not only outdated, but is really not user-friendly. Even when you get the hang of it, it still can irritate you. It’s like it was made by an accountant who did not know a thing about computers – or the internet for that matter.

    Also, BPI trade is bare minimum. I have to manually track my activities to see if i made a profit or incurred a loss. and you have to “simulate” selling or buying to knwo the real cost (becuase of the normal broker fees and VAT).

  7. blackeyes says:

    hi guys, made my choice. just opened an account with citiseconline. wish me luck šŸ™‚ cheers!

  8. eagleeye says:

    congrats blackeyes. am a happy customer too of citiseconline.

  9. Anthony says:

    COL, even now with their beta site. I like it even more.


  10. jon9v says:

    Happy COL client here. User-friendly, alerts, stock analysis, chart analysis tools, wire-transfer. Still waiting for an iOS/android app trading platform though so that I can trade on the go.

  11. teng r. cruz says:

    where can i attend the free seminar, date and time please? Sana Saturday meron. Thanks!

  12. Arian says:

    Hi there.Ā 
    With regard to my bpi trade experience, it was really horrible and ridiculous. My bpi trade account was already activated. So i just need my bpi trade account number so that i can fund it through my bpiexpressonline account for me to start buying stocks already. So i sebt email to customer service and their reply was, they can’t send it through email for security Reasons. They told me that i need to call. So i called them a lot o times but it was busy always. I went to one o bpi branches. And i talked with the manager, and the manager has no idea about bpi trade and has nothing that he can do about it. So i emailed bpi trade and told them everything. All they told me was i just need to call again. I even gave to them my number for them to call me instead but they didn’t.Ā 
    Very poor customer service and support of bpi trade. Now, i’ve already transferred to citiseconline. Bpi trade has really a very poor service and it really sucks!

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