Can you share to me your insights and/or experience about International Marketing Group (IMG)?

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Hi to all,

I have attended one seminar provided by International Marketing Group (IMG). I am aware that this group is an independent firm being outsourced by different big financial companies to endorse their products such as:

  • Health Insurance – Kaiser, Cocolife
  • Life Insurance – Cocolife, Grepalife, Equity Term
  • Investments (Mutual Funds) – FAMI, PhilAm, PhilEquity
  • Real Estate – Ayala Land, DMCI, Crown Asia
  • Non-life Insurance – MAA, Malayan Insurance, UCPB Gen
  • Loan Management – Unionbank

You can either join their group and be a broker to yourself and to anyone who wants to invest (but needs to pay for a membership fee), or just directly invest to the above mentioned firms through IMG. Please share to me your thoughts and/or experience about IMG. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a member of this group?

Thank you so much!

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7 Responses to “Can you share to me your insights and/or experience about International Marketing Group (IMG)?”

  1. Joseph says:

    Hi Enzo,

    I’m Joseph Zuela, 26, a proud member of IMG. IMG has taught me how to build solid financial foundation. It’s not just pure investment, but the thought on how to prepare and plan your financial life. When you become a member, you can have an access and represent as independent broker of the company you’ve listed. Plus you are continuously train because they have series of training that you can attend for free when you got your membership. My mentor here is one of the financial coach of Bro. Bo Sanchez, and he is Mr. Lyndon Malanog.

    IMG is one of the group that spreading financial literacy. But still, there are many group or organization that also spreading financial literacy like the blog of Sir Fitz. I join IMG because I believe on their passion to educate people on financial literacy.

    But I believe there are more interesting group to join, seminars to attend, blogs and book to read, audio books to listen, and etc. What we need really is to increase our financial literacy so that we can gain financial freedom.

    Thank you for reading it.

    God Bless Us Abundantly!

    Joseph Zuela

    P.S. I would like to thank Mr. Fitz Villafuerte for this kind of blog. I’m currently starting my own blog and Mr. Fitz is one of my inspiration because of his passion to share his thought about personal finance and investing. I hope someday I can also create blog that will inspire more people to increase their financial literacy. Thanks Sir Fitz! Keep it up! Godbless!

  2. Jennelyn Alegarbez says:

    Hi, i am also a proud member of IMG (International Marketing Group). It helps me a lot in my journey to financial freedom. Before when i was an employee, im so worried about the future of my family eventhough my husband is earning 300k/month because he is an ofw and working in a prestigious cruiseline in the US. We have enough savings, but i believe that no matter how big savings that we have, money can easily gone especially when it’s not properly managed. First i would like to thank God for his goodness because he direct me to this kind of group. and second to IMG, it helps me a lot on how i can manage my finances through to their affiliated investment companies. Me and my husband have set our goals already and starting for a worry free and stress free financial journey. This is the legacy that i can teach to my children. The value of being saver and how to become investor.

    Godbless us all.

  3. Christy Cemanes says:

    Hello, Joseph and Jennelyn ^^,

    The lesson in Economics in College struck me and my friend. We wanted to know about the financial industry then but we didn’t know how and where to start. We started reading books such as “Rich Dad poor Dad”, “Think rich Pino’, ” Pera mo Palaguin mo” and many more. We also attended some seminars and talks abour real state by Trace. We were really searching an oraganization which could teach us about this industry. One day, my friend read the book of Bo Sanchez ” Trully Rich” and shared it to me. She found there that IMG teaches people on how to manage and build wealth. We already knew, but we didn’t act. Until finally a friend introduced us to another friend who knew about IMG. We went there and the rest as they say is history.

    I’ve been a member of IMG for about 2 years already. I’m thankful that I found this. If I didn’t , I guess I’m still wandering now. I’m earning and working so hard but didn’t know what to do with the money. When we found IMG, I was not ready. I was scared, hesitant, and doubtful , but I took the risk of learning and finding out what is it all about. Now, I could say “I’m glad I conquered my fears”. With their talks and other trainings I was able to start my own financial foundation. Most importantly, I was able to share it to my family and friends too. And, that is the mission of the company ” No family left behind”.
    It also taught me the importance of financial planning.
    ” People don’t plan to fail, they just fail to plan. ”
    ” Not planning at all, is a bad plan”.

    As for your question about the advantages and disadvantages,

    The bottom line there is on how you understood your financial foundation and x-curve. If you think it has a value on you, then you could feel the advantage of being a broker than just being a client. If youre a broker you have access to all the trainings on investments, insurances and entrepreneurship. You will be able to assess how much insurance, investment and others you need for yourself and for your family too. Most importantly, you will be able to apply them.

  4. PinoyFinancialBootcamp says:

    I was introduce to IMG by my friend co-worker here in Dubai last 2009 to IMG.
    I never believe that i was “ignorant” about money management and simple financial planning even i’m ready numerous blogs, books about money for the last two three years.

    I never know that Financial Planners (RFP), catholic preacher (yes, I know you know him very well because of his Stocks Newsletter with COL) and fund manager (of a big Insurance company) are working hand in hand to teach ordinary Pinoy about investing and saving for their future and their kids future.

    Personally, paying for the one time membership was the best thing i ever did because I was able to attend the exclusive members training namely, 2009 and 2012 Wealth management workshop here in Dubai, private dinner with a fund manager, and continuous market investment update in the Phils .. and the biggest take away i get… community of Pinoy investors and savers even in foreign country like UAE.

    I’m enjoying now the benefits of investing in mutual funds for the past few years that no other institutions has explained to me. I’m able to peek to other member’s investment strategies which is being taught by productive minded people (savers/investors).

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  6. Daisy v tiga says:

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