What stocks do you own and why?

December 10, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Investing.

What stocks do you own and why?


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  1. ChrisTiPiD says:

    CHIPS for dividends
    DNL – to take advantage of the IPO. listing date Dec 12th.

  2. Fitz says:

    Right now…

    JFC, ALI, BPI, SM – long-term cost averaging
    JGS and MER – medium-term “trading”

  3. ForsakenOne says:

    GLO, AP – for dividends (although AP sort of doubles for growth)

    AC, ALI, BPI, DMC, JFC, – long-term cost-averaging… i believe they’ll grow.

    I’ve added CHIPS too. (Thanks for the tip, ChriTiPiD!)

  4. ForsakenOne says:

    …and yeah, I’m “overexposed” to ayala stocks… I’ll be selling some of those I guess…

  5. MondC says:

    Sir Fitz, what do you mean by “medium term “trading””

    Thanks ForsakenOne!

    btw, what do you guys think of MPI, SMDC, & SMPH?

  6. Fitz says:

    MondC – medium term trading means buying at support (or when stock is “cheap” or oversold) and selling at resistance (or when stock reaches “target price” or has become overbought).

    Medium term trading lasts for 3 months up to a year – usually driven by 30% fundamentals and 70% technicals.

  7. MondC says:

    Thanks Sir Fitz

  8. ChrisTiPiD says:

    MondC- i believe SMPH is among the top picks for long term/cost averaging
    ForsakenOne – nice to hear that you were able to buy CHIPS for dividends. hope it will continue to move up but it’s testing the 22 peso level

  9. Clen says:

    JFC, BDO, SMDC, MPI, ALI, PGOLD – All for cost-averaging

  10. rose says:

    JFC, ALI, SMDC, PX, SMC- Cost averagin
    TEL – medium term trading

  11. Jostine says:

    JFC, BPI, SMPH — long-term cost averaging (with a hint of emotional attachment lol)

    ALI, JGS, AGI — medium trading

  12. Claudine says:

    MBT, MWC, TEL, MEG – dividends and a bit of cost averaging.

  13. Amanda Armando says:

    ChrisTiPiD – may i know what exactly is the meaning of CHIPS and how do you earn from it? thank you very much. =)

  14. misang says:

    i hope this is not OT, but just want to ask you guys..how much stocks of a certain company should you own? is there such a thing as too much or too little in the stock market?

  15. jon9v says:

    Long-term: ALI, PGOLD, GTCAP, BDO
    Short-term: MEG, MPI, DNL, SMPH, AGI, FPH

    I’m not sure if I got your question correctly. I think you can own as much as you want. The question is will you concentrate on one company or you diversify your portfolio.

    This is just my personal preference. I allot a maximum of 25% of my total equity to one company. So above 25% for one company is “too much” for me. Then, at least 50% of my total equity for long-term positions. At the same time, I maintain 10% cash which I can use when opportunity arises or when I need to withdraw the money. I’m pretty sure others have their own “proven” strategy. What I’m saying is (1) “Don’t put all eggs in one basket,” and (2) Stick to your investment strategy. Of course you can modify your strategy after a thorough assessment.

  16. misang says:

    ah ok..so it will depend on your investing strategy. and there’s no “too much” in owning stock, just the amount of risk that you can manage.

    thank you Jon9v

  17. Minna says:

    SMPH, EW expect to reach P50 per share or higher , FLI acquired huge shares for FLI last year and it is going up now , these are my long term stocks
    MEG, AGI mid term or until i am comfortable to sell it, for now I buy twice a month -) and keep a good memory of price movement weekly.

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