How can OFWs invest in the Philippines?

December 15, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Investing.

Paano mag-i-invest ang mga OFW sa Pilipinas, specially if they don’t want their relatives at home to know that they have an investment. Kasi baka mautang lang eh. Haha.

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One Response to “How can OFWs invest in the Philippines?”

  1. jon9v says:

    Before you delve into any type of investment, you must consider the risks involved. That being said here is what I did (I am currently based overseas).

    Aside from putting money into my Philippine-based personal account, I was also looking for investment opportunities that can be done remotely (online). I also understand why you want to keep your relatives not informed on your every financial transactions. One of the things I did was investing in the stock market. I got in touch with an online broker and asked my sister to process my application papers and all requirements. Once I have my account online, I can fund it remotely through wire-tranfers (bank-to-bank) without relatives knowing my transactions. You can also fund your account if you have online bank account (depends on the broker). Right now, I keep enough cash on my account so that if I go home to the Philippines, I can withdraw it anytime (well you have to wait for 2-3 days). When there is an opportunity to buy stocks, I also do it. So yeah start giving back (investing) to our country without telling your relatives.

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