If you have 2 million pesos,what is the best investment to put this money?

May 22, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Investing.

What is the best investment if you have 2M cash.I need the money to earn more than the 4% percent interest given by the bank.I already have mutual fund on Sunlife,fami and philam.also I have EIP account with citiseconline.

Do you think if I put the money on stock for long term in reputable companies will give me a peace of mind in preparation for early retirement.

Please I need your advice.


Thanks a lot.


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  1. Fitz says:

    Looks like you’ve done pretty well already with your finances. Congratulations.

    If you’re looking for a some active income, you can consider starting or franchising a business with the 2M.

    You can also look for possible real estate investments – scout for foreclosed properties that you can put up for rent (semi-passive income), or fixed and sold for a higher price (active income).

    If purely passive income is what you’re looking for, then perhaps you can add more paper investments to your portfolio, i.e. new stocks with COL EIP or invest on equity funds BDO (through RSP program) or BPI (through EIP program)

  2. MondC says:

    Sir Fitz,

    Is BPI’s EIP program just the same with their RSP program?

  3. ForsakenOne says:

    For some stocks, the dividend paay out is roughly 5-6% of the cost of their stock. So you could try investing long-term in stocks. A good company will not only increase your capital (via share price appreciation) but hand you dividends equal to ~5% of your original investment.

    I can’t say anyhting about peace of mind though. I’m pretty at ease with the idea, but i’ve found other people are pretty scared of it. So maybe try a small amount and see if you’re ok with it yourself. Or try a mutual fund that is invested in dividend paying stocks – i’ve heard those exist, but haven’t seen one yet (maybe it’s only in the U.S.?).

    Anyway, most Mutual funds / UITFs based on bonds or stocks can give you a better than 4% return.

  4. investmentseeker says:

    If you won’t need your money in the short-term, may I suggest AMABank who has a 5-year, tax-free time deposit at 7% per annum. It would be safe practice though to invest P500,000 only, just enough for PDIC to cover your deposit.

    Check out Malayan Bank also. I was able to avail of an 8.5% interest rate for a 5-year tax-free TD, but the offer ended on December 21, 2010. Again, keep your maximum deposit at P500,000.

    It’s not much but I hope this helps.

  5. nash says:

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  6. patrick says:

    I agree with Fritz recommendation. Your passive income were already in place, make life more exciting go active šŸ™‚

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