BPI Investment Funds vs Oddysey Funds

March 21, 2012 | By Fitz | Filed in: Banking, Investing, Personal Finance.

Hi I’ve been browsing online on invest plans offered by the banks within my area (Metrobank, BDO, and BPI) So far I’m leaning on opening an account with BDO and Enroll in the thier EIP program and invest in Peso Fixed Income Fund or Pero Balanced Fund.

While researching more, I stumbled upon BPIs Oddysey Fund, I have not heard of this before and am confused if this is on a different investment category from BPIs Investment funds. Hope someone can shed more light on this, will probably visit a BPI branch within the week, Im just trying to read as much as I can before visiting the branch.

BTW, I guess I see myself as a medium risk type of investor and say willing to commit 5,000 or so a month for the next 12 months.

Hope to hear your insights and suggestions.



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4 Responses to “BPI Investment Funds vs Oddysey Funds”

  1. Fitz says:

    From initial research, you can learn about BPI’s Odyssey Funds through their dedicated page here:

    BPI Odyssey Funds

    Check out the FAQ link on that page to learn the basic differences of the two. And from how I understand it, the Odyssey Funds tend to be more aggressive in their investment approach – so this is recommended for really long term investing horizons.

  2. ForsakenOne says:

    Ah, so i should be going for the odyssey funds then, if that’s the case. thanks Fitz!

    I invested in BPI funds so there is one basic difference i can share:
    – The fees are higher for odyssey funds
    (i.e. a BPI fund may have 0.5 or 1% annual fee and the similar Odysey fund may have 1or 1.5% fee; something like that. It’s all on the site Fitz mentioned)
    – The reported gains are higher too (also on the site fitz gave; the info for BPI funds shoudl be there too if you look around).

    If i may ask, what made you choose BDO?

    With BPI, the “winning” factors for them was that it was incredibly convenient (practically a few steps from where i work), and i can use the same savings account for both UITFs/Mutual funds and Stock trading as well.

    I’m just curios if there were factors i had not thought off and was hoping you could share the advatages you saw.

  3. MD says:

    From what I know the BPI Odyssey funds were previously managed by ING. BPI had to absorb them in their portfolio when they acquired ING’s Trust group. That is the main reason why it now exists in BPI’s list. But the observation on the differences mentioned above seem to be accurate in addition to Odyssey having shorter holding periods.

  4. procesa baguio says:

    how can i invest on odessy or any investments available on your porfolio or what investment should you recommend with a best yeild

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