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Which is the best insurance company in terms of investments? VUL performance?

Posted May 17, 2016 under Investing | No Comments

Can you please advice me which is the best insurance company in terms of investments? Manulife? Sunlife or Philam? Thanks. Answer: Ask yourself first what your needs are. If you need life insurance, then go to a life insurance company, but if you need an investment, then go to an investment company (and not an […]

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What are the 5 best Philippine stocks to buy and hold for the long term?

Posted September 5, 2013 under Investing | 1 Comment

I want to invest in the stock market for the long-term, at least 10 years. And I want to start with 5 companies. I’ve seen the best Philippine stocks for long term investment article of Sir Fitz, but I’d like to ask your opinion, what is your top 5. Thank you. Sir Fitz article:

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will it be wise to redeem your profit on your UITF every time it gained 10%?

Posted March 4, 2013 under General Information, Investing | 4 Comments

I invested on UITF at BPI and as of this writing it gained 12% already and I plan to redeem its gained every time it goes up by 10% of more. is this a wise move or I’ll just leave it for a long term investment say 3 to 5 years. I invested 100K on […]


How to invest in treasury bills?

Posted January 11, 2013 under Banking, Investing | No Comments

I’m just a beginner investor and I read that treasury bills is a good starting investment because they’re relatively safer than mutual funds. I have very little knowledge about treasury bills and also, bonds. I will go to my bank to ask but they might not know also and just sell me their investment products […]

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BPI Investment Funds vs Oddysey Funds

Posted March 21, 2012 under Banking, Investing, Personal Finance | 4 Comments

Hi I’ve been browsing online on invest plans offered by the banks within my area (Metrobank, BDO, and BPI) So far I’m leaning on opening an account with BDO and Enroll in the thier EIP program and invest in Peso Fixed Income Fund or Pero Balanced Fund. While researching more, I stumbled upon BPIs Oddysey […]

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How much of my money should I invest?

Posted March 17, 2012 under Personal Finance | 4 Comments

My funds is around 960T and my monthly expense is at 35-40T. If I allocate 8 months worth of Emergency fund (420), that would leave me with 540T.  My emergency fund will be broken down like this: 210T (6mos.) in money market UITF / 105T (3mos) TD 90days / 105T (3mos) checking account with atm. […]

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What is the best investment instrument for the single and working individuals?

Posted February 12, 2012 under Career & Employment, General Information, Income Opportunities, Investing, Personal Finance | 1 Comment

I am planning to invest on the stock market. I attended the seminar of citiseconline but I want to ask around if there is a better instrument which i can invest in, Mutual funds maybe?..I want to use the money after three years to fund my stay outside the country.